TowerEye’s Cookie Policy

TowerEye, with its registered office in Gierle, Belgium, is responsible for this cookie policy. Please direct your questions and/or comments to the aforementioned address or via e-mail to

TowerEye believes it is important that you can view, listen to, read, or experience TowerEye content in any place and at any time on a variety of media platforms. TowerEye ] also wants to work on interactive and customized services. TowerEye’s online services use specific techniques to make this possible, for example, cookies and scripts. We will refer to these techniques as cookies. Through this cookie policy, TowerEye aims to inform you which cookies are used and why we use them. It also explains how you, as a user, can monitor the use of cookies. TowerEye wishes to guarantee your privacy and the user-friendliness of its online services as much as possible. TowerEye has attempted to keep this policy as simple as possible.

This cookie policy applies to all “TowerEye online services”, namely all websites, (mobile) applications, and internet services offered by TowerEye and those which grant access to TowerEye content.

Certain pieces of collected data allow us to identify you or to connect with you as a natural person, thus qualifying them as personal data. In those cases, the information outlined in our privacy policy regarding your various rights also applies to the processing done through these cookies.

TowerEye reserves the right to update its cookie policy at any time. This could happen in light of changes to its services or existing legislation. The updated policy will be announced through TowerEye’s relevant online services and will go into effect at the time of their announcement.

What are cookies exactly?

Cookies are small data files or text files that are installed on your computer or mobile device whenever you visit a website or use a (mobile) application. The cookie file contains a unique code that allows your browser to be recognized by the website or web application when you first visit the online service or during successive, repeated visits. Cookies can be stored by the server of the website or application you are visiting, but also by third-party servers which may or may not be affiliated with the website or application.

Generally, cookies simplify and speed up interactions between visitors and a website or application, and they help visitors navigate between the various sections of a website or application.

How can you block or manage the use of cookies on TowerEye’s online services?

You can block the installation of cookies through your browser settings. At any time, you can remove any previously installed cookies from your computer or mobile device in this way:

Internet Explorer:




Should you choose to disable cookies, please take into account that some graphic design elements might not look great or that some functions may not be available to you. Below is a detailed list of all the types of cookies used by TowerEye on its websites.

The cookies we use:

"_utma" (Google)

This cookie creates a unique User ID. That unique User ID offers the option of tracking how often a User visits a website. Additionally, it tracks the first and last time a User visited the site.

Tracking cookie

“__utmz” (Google)

This cookie tracks a User’s web traffic or online search that led them to reach our website. This cookie was developed using the JavaScript library and is executed and updated each time new information is sent to Google Analytics.

Tracking cookie

“__ga” (Google)

This cookie allows us to distinguish unique Users on our website but without, under any circumstances, allowing us to discover a User’s identity.

Tracking cookie

“__gid” (Google)

Goal: Used to distinguish unique users.

Type: HTTP


Goal: The PHPSESSID cookie comes from PHP and allows the website to store serialized status data. It is used to create a visitor session and to pass along status data through a temporary cookie, often called the session cookie. The PHPSESSID is removed when the visitor closes the page. This cookie is mainly used for security reasons.

Expiry date: End of session

Type: HTTP

Lang (eXopera)

This is a cookie we use to track which language is being used on the website.

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